Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Would like to know...

When I first started to work on the website, my intent was to help others in areas of my own interests. Crafting is right on top of the list.

I wrote and illustrated instruction booklets but they are strictly for ceramics. Now I'm ready to go to work again but it just creates a quandry. Where to start?

Since I don't know what folks are most interested in, I dont know which subject to tackle next.

It's true there is information all over the internet, these days but do they speak to the grass roots, which happens to be the majority in the U.S.

If there's something, anything, pertaining to crafts of all sorts, that I might be able to help you with? I do mean just about anything that is craft, because I've dabbled in just about everything you can think of if it means taking parts and making something with it. :)

There's only one place I can find out what you might want to see more information on and that's YOU. Talk to me.

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I'm a grandmother of 1, a ceramist, a ceramic mold maker, a truck driver and writer.

I'm also a webmaster of many and have several blogs.

I help others in designing product, make custom molds and I still do restorations.