Saturday, September 8, 2007

Another one of my bright ideas

I've decided to try something. I used to write and publish a crafters newsletter and this would be sort of a branch off that idea.

I remember some time back that crafters spent quite a bit of money to get a webpage built and set up so they could sell their wares. It costs way too much, for most of us to gamble.

Since I've already got my own .com, and plenty of space left to use, why not branch out into a whole other scheme? Something like an internet crafters village.

If any of you have spent any time online, trying to market your own goods, especially with a website, you've discovered how hard it is to get the kind of traffic you need. I've been learning.

The bigger the site and the more activity, the better the traffic. So why not help others build webpages for their own little stores? I can do that free of charge. No problem.

It would be something like back scratching. The more I help you guys, the better the overall traffic which, in the long run, is better for me.

I was thinking that if we could get several involved and maybe charge something like $2 a month, we can pool that money for advertising and build up the traffic.

At the same time, what if we could get half the crafters of the U.S. involved? We could help each other out by presenting pics of other's products to make more contacts between store owner and crafter. We could all wind up being sales reps for the rest.

What are your thoughts? We'd have to come up with a snappy name, something that draws attention and is easy to remember.

I'll use my own website, to get started. Cheaper that way. Then as we grow, I can just start out a whole new .com with our chosen name for the site.

I need some feedback on the idea.

Almost forgot to mention, we can get together to talk about it at

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