Friday, December 4, 2009

New Polymer Clay mold line

For all you folks who are working in polymer clay, there's a new line out on the market. This particular line, I helped to produce.

It's not mine, I just helped in the designing and make the molds. This young man has a head full of ideas and he's running to implement them.

What's different about these molds? Glad you asked. ha  Him being pretty much a novice, when we met, he ran into problems like getting the clay out of the mold,without disturbing or tearing the clay. So he had me design the molds into parts, so that instead of just pulling off half of the mold, one can pull off a quarter, keeping the clay intact.

An example is a mold for the leg that is in 3 parts. The front half is all one mold piece, while the back of the leg is in 2 separate pieces.

In addition to that, he had me design the molds so that the torso and head is in one mold and each limb has its own mold. Each mold has little guide lines for the armatures, so the body parts match up.

He started out with a male angel named Gabriel, then had me add molds for goat legs for changing the figure. Then on top of that, he had me design the torso and legs for the Taurus so that Gabriels body can be attached to turn him into a Taurus. Then he added molds for wings and the wings are gorgeous. Then he added the merman, which is all in one mold, using Gabriels head design.

He's in the process, now, of having another designer come up with the female counterpart of the right proportions for Gabriel along with another set of wings and taurus body. He's planning to have the entire family including a little boy and little girl, all with additional molds for altering the original.

Along with these, he has tutorials on his site at

Right now, he has ebay listings for a few of the molds:

I will try to keep you updated with the progress of this new line of molds.  You'll love them because.....a novice can create works of art with these mold.

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